Friday, January 19, 2018

Eye Candy Friday

I was volunteering at the Textile Museum on Thursday and took a brief walk through the exhibit about Latin American Ikat weaving.

I'm actually going back today with a friend and will look at things more carefully, but I quickly snapped a few pics of favourites.

This rebozo has lacy bits at the ends. (I learned about rebozos because it's such a great Scrabble word, but they are wonderful woven giant wraps.)

This is what you'd call a modern design!

I hope to have more pictures to share after this afternoon. There is also a fantastic exhibit on about Japanese textiles.

Ah, and I will have yarn to show you, too!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

A bunch of finished things

I've been knitting little things...

I was given some Bamboo Silk yarn, which was slinky and soft, but it wasn't quite big enough to use with my 4.5 mm needle nicely, and when I started knitting this I couldn't find the appropriate 4 mm needle. So, I found that I had also been given a ball of pinky-purply cotton/linen blend, and held together, they were perfect on the 4.5 mm.

A little cowl, to keep someone's neck covered. Soft, but not super warm, I bet. I took it outside and put it on snow for this picture.

Another snow picture, on the edge of the table! This is a Back Roads hat, and I got the pattern for free in a charity knitting group on Ravelry. Someone won a free pattern from each of something like 310 indie designers! Of course, who could use all those by themselves, so she is giving them to people who knit for charity.

I found the twisted-rib brim a bit wretched, but it looks nice, and I suppose one should try these things once in a while. I also miscounted in the first pattern, so my ridges are not all equally separated. But, it's a hat, so who cares?

This nice green yarn was given to me at Christmas, and you can see it is a challenge to photograph! It is a lovely peacock greeny-blue colour, very pretty.

I think I showed you hat #1 a while back. For #2, I held the cotton/acrylic yarn together with a pink sock yarn, and made a warmer, sturdier hat. The Toronto march is coming up next weekend.

And of course, my completed squares. I mailed these off to Illinois for someone to sew into a blanket which will end up in Syria. The man in the post office told me they would take 10-12 days to get there; they took about three, actually!

And now I am back to knitting Elaine's sweater, started in September. I hope to just whip through these sleeves and be done in no time...

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thursday again

  1. I got my Latin books from the library and am happy to say that I can read Chapter 1 without too much trouble. But they write "seruus" instead of "servus" which will drive me crazy before too long. I do have several old Latin books upstairs somewhere which I will dig out, although I was looking for something a bit novel! Old Latin books are as good as new, I suppose!
  2. I am knitting a hat. I got a free pattern in the charity knitting group, so I figured I'd better get to it quickly so I don't look like an ungrateful moocher of free patterns. It is fine, but I am so used to knitting the same sort of hat over and over again that the idea of a fancy rib on the cuff just seems like a waste of effort. Now that I am done all those left twists and right twists, I can see it will look nice, though. 
  3. Now, then. The planks. The idea is to add one second of planking every day for the whole year. I decided instead to add 30 seconds per month, so I started off with 30 seconds, and through February I will attempt a full minute. I hope that by the end of this month I can do my 30 without feeling like I will keel over, but right now I can do 25 seconds before I have to look at the timer! I can just tell my abs will be tight as anything, though... if I can keep this up! 
Pop over here to see what other people are doing on Thursday!

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Three things on Thursday

I suppose that now is as good a time as any to sort out the KALs and knitting things I am looking at on Ravelry. (These links only work if you have a Rav account, I believe.)

  1. Firstly, I have already told you about the squares I will be knitting for a blanket to go to Syria. I am glad to have found this group, so I can just make any old square (although they don't want lace, which is a pity) and someone else can worry about matching up enough squares to make a blanket. 
  2. The vintage-loving group with whom I knit my accessories last year is thinking of another KAL for the beginning of this year, and they seem to be leaning towards vintage undies and lingerie! I think I will pass if that is the theme they choose, but I might join in to make some bed socks or something. 
  3. I am also a member of a group of Anthropologie fashion fans, and they have two KALs this season, one for blankets, so I can show of my squares to them, and one for "boyfriend" sweaters. That might get me to get started on my Koigu sweater, which I think I still haven't shown you! (*Note to self: find the yarn and take a picture or two.)
  4. Okay, so three knitting things and one more: A number of knitters in the Lazy, Stupid and Godless group on Ravelry (most of whom don't seem lazy or stupid at all, as far as I can tell) are interested in reading some Latin! I have done that in the past and would love to regain my "proficiency," if I can call it that. Work up to reading Book IV of the Aeneid?? That would be wonderful, so I shall work on that! (Oh, yes, and I might attempt to do some planks every day, too!)

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

WIP Wednesday

Having ripped out my first attempt at a blanket square, I quickly rummaged around in the bag of yarn and came up with this. One strand of Patons wool from the 80s, one strand of Rowan Fine Tweed! A knit and purl pattern from my old standby, 200 Knitted Blocks.

I should be done shortly, but I am slowed down by not being able to read and knit at the same time.

Sue Grafton, who has written all the way from A is for Alibi to Y is for Yesterday, passed away recently, just as Y arrived for me at the library. I have read these books faithfully ever since we lived in Santa Barbara, the model for the fictional town they take place in, but although they are good fun, one is much like the next and they are not what a girl could call excellent. So I have been keenly zipping through it, sort of disappointed that it is not better, but unable to put it down at the same time.

At least we are spared Z, in which I have always hoped/feared/assumed the main character would be killed off.

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Two knitted things

One pretty good, one bad.

I told various family members that I would need some pink wool for a new pussyhat. I told them to go to this store and talk to this person, who would set them up with something perfect. However, no-one really listens to such excellent instructions when it comes to Christmas presents.

One day, Stephen and Elaine found themselves shopping at Value Village, home of every imaginable thing, and they found me 6 balls of this yarn, which is certainly pink!

It is a cotton-acrylic blend, meant for summer tops or baby things (maybe I just think that because of the colour!). I used the recommended needle size, and the fabric would be nice for a warm-weather cardigan, but it is a bit floppy for a hat. Luckily I have 4.5 more balls of this, so I will make another hat holding this yarn together with some pink sock yarn. This is fine, but not perfect.

My next knitting project was so imperfect that I ripped it out!

I don't know if you can tell, but in the middle of this piece, I carried the slipped stitches up for six rows instead of four. Catastrophe! Also, the fabric was too dense, I need to use a slightly bigger needle, and I don't really like this pattern very well in this yarn. So there!

It was going to be a square for a blanket some gang is making for Syria. Since the Afghans for Afghans group has met some large obstacle, and are sending nothing, the charity knitters are searching for new outlets, and the one I have found is called Hats and More for War-torn Syria. I have a ton of yarn I mean to use for charity this year, and I figured a square was a good place to start. Well, I shall start again!

We are easing back into reality here. Elaine doesn't start school for another week, Arthur is still here, Stephen off to a conference, but next week we shall, more or less, be back to normal!

Eye Candy, of a sort

*I found this in my drafts, and I've had a hard time getting photos off my phone, and it's very cold and 2018 now, and so please just pretend it is last week...

Once upon a time, there was a secondhand bookstore.

When I lived in married-students residence in, oh, 1990, we used to go down Yonge Street to Eliot's Books, and ABC Books. We bought secondhand Brother Cafael books and Janwillem Van de Wetering books and Sue Grafton books, most of which we still have.

And now Eliot's is closing. I don't know much about the tax increase mentioned in that article, but I know Yonge Street ain't what it used to be. Huge holes mean huge condo towers will be coming, but surely they can't build only condos, can they? Maybe they can.

I went to the sale yesterday. Should have gone weeks ago, but there were still some good books, and everything was a dollar, so you can't really go wrong. I picked up a couple of okay knitting books and carried them around a bit, but wasn't committed to them and lost them when better things came along.

The better things were from the CanLit shelf. I have just finished a book called Arrival, about the CanLit boom in the 60s and 70s, so picked up some poems by George Bowering, and a few others. I couldn't find a single Margaret Atwood or Alice Munro, and I couldn't remember if it was the Stone Angel or A Jest of God that was the good Margaret Laurence book!

At the last minute I decided to get a fifth book so I wouldn't need any change from my $5 bill (silly, I know) so I got the Greek cooking book without looking too closely. Turns out it is the sort of thing my parents would buy on a cruise in the Greek Islands: some decent and classic recipes, translated badly.

On my way out I saw the nice Oxford edition of Trollope, so grabbed that, as Arthur was paying for his books.

I didn't realize till I got home that they were all so colour-coordinated.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Roundup of 2017

According to my page on Ravelry, I have knit 29 items. Twelve of those were my monthly vintage accessories, but I managed to knit other things as well. I'll make the accessories italic.

Let's look:
  1. Pussy hat
  2. Gossamer Light bed-jacket
  3. a hat I gave to charity
  4. a tea cosy that doesn't keep the pot as warm as I'd like
  5. a dishcloth that is in the to-be-gifted drawer
  6. jazzy yellow scarf that I have been wearing lately
  7. slippers
  8. gigantic Westknits marled shawl
  9. a pretty shawl that I don't really like... a problem, perhaps, for next year
  10. a hat
  11. two dishcloths I gave to my niece for her wedding (she thanked me for the potholders)
  12. my toilet-paper cosy, which I admire daily
  13. a cowl for charity
  14. a cowl of crazy novelty yarn, for charity
  15. a Koigu leftovers hat... not sure where that went
  16. a scarf using up lots of leftovers, very bright
  17. another dishrag sitting in the drawer
  18. another cowl given to charity
  19. the ski hood that Elaine is happily wearing these days
  20. shawl made for Elaine that she, so far, is not wearing 
  21. a sock for Arthur
  22. a hat that is getting quite a bit of use
  23. cowl for charity
  24. Esjan which was a very successful Christmas present for a friend
  25. some crocheted flowers which are on a wreath
  26. Vertices Unite
  27. another sock for Arthur
  28. skinny scarf for charity
  29. gloves which I just finished today!

Two WIPs from this year: Elaine's sweater and a Clapotis which will go to charity.

Happy Christmas! I bet I'll have a bit more to say before the end of the year.