Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I think I used to do this WIP Wipeout Wednesday. ... Now my WIPs are so numerous and oppressive and all so delightful, I must use some of my superpowers to tame them.

Off the top of my head, I will tell you I have:
  1. Botticelli, in Felted Tweed, a perfect fall sweater. Unfortunately, I finished the back and then switched to cotton knitting for the summer, and so fall is almost here and I don't have a finished Botticelli. But I will get on that... but not right now.
  2. Sunday Best, in Rowan Denim, a perfect fall sweater as well! I am not quite finished the back. OK, I am about half-way done the back. And I was distracted away from that one day when I needed something where I didn't have to count or think too much, so I started...
  3. The Malabrigo wonderful colourful thing. I knitted a triangle of bright turquoise blue. Then, I knitted a leafy scarf in wonderful bright pond-scum green. Well, OK, not a whole scarf yet.

It starts with a little point
and gets wider!

This is Lucy Neatby's Falling Leaves scarf, which is a super wonderful pattern. It will get attached to one side of the triangle, and a wild and crazy orange scarf-like thing will get attached to the other side, and you will see, it will be lovely!

There are also a few socks, the gorgeous Noro shawl, who knows what, lying around. But this crazy scarf thing seems the most pressing at the moment. It is so quick, you know, that I will just polish it off before doing anything else. (Eye roll, whatever)


  1. Oops - okay what are you going to finish after the scarf, prioritise your stuff! (by the way that falling leaf one looks stunning!)

  2. love the pond scum leaves!! :)


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